LG Serie 1 TV Goes Retro With CRT

February 5, 2010

Trying to push the boundaries of technology is difficult , and it takes years of scientific research to come up with something genuinely new and special – but it’s a lot easier to look at something you’ve already got and improve it.

Even easier than that is taking an old technology that people will still be fond of, put it in a cute shell, add some modern comforts and sell it to a market crying out for both technology and that hint of nostalgia, and that’s where the LG serie 1 comes in.

Coming in a lovely 1970’s orange and white colour scheme it looks just like the CRT TV’s of old right down to the bunny ear antenna and removable chrome legs – and although it does come with an unfortunately modern looking remote, those who are looking for a more authentic ‘old school’ experience can use the knobs which sit proudly to the right of the screen.

Despite the fact that it is genuinely a CRT screen (not just a LCD in a big box!) it still comes with a modern digital tuner and composite video for your retro consoles, and I can imagine this may well be more popular as a stylish second TV than as a genuine replacement for your 32” high definition flatscreen.

A final nice little touch is that you can change the colour scheme to ‘black and white’ or even ‘sepia’ if you really want to wallow in your past, and the price for this 14” piece of attempted retro isn’t too bad either at £135.

Admittedly you could probably get one of eBay for about a tenner, but that’s not really the point – this is as genuine as your going to get to the old school TVs whilst still benefiting from the modern comforts and the promise that it WILL work! The main downside is that you will have to go to Korea to get one, but I’m sure for some diehard fanatics it’ll be worth it, the rest of us can just sit back and admire it!


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