Time to get out more

March 30, 2010

Here’s exactly what the iPhone ought to be really, really good at: apps from trusted brands that take the wealth of information and expertise they have and offer it up to you, exactly where you are.

Time Out does it. It’s ok – but it’s weighed down by some pretty clumsy functionality and thumpingly heavy Smirnoff branding.

Nike’s done it with True City and in a rare mistep they’ve made something pretty much useless that’s not even that cool.

And now the National Trust does it. And they’ve done it right. Who’d have thought.

The app is great, so far as I can tell. I’ve already discovered a whole bunch of places nearby that I never knew existed, like this amazing 1930s house, and reminded me of places I’ve been meaning to go for ages, like William Morris’s Red House – which is exactly what it ought to do.

The app’s got all the basic information you’d need to plan a visit. And in fact it’s much easier to use than even their website, which is totally hopeless.

It would be great if there were more information about the properties: more photos, audio guides and so on. Maybe that sort of thing is in the pipeline, who knows.

Anyway, I’m sold.


It’s all three. It’s Bank Run. An interactive movie that runs on you computer and your iPhone. And it’s interactive… in a Track and Field sort of way.

Colourful characters

January 26, 2010

Downloaded a cute free App the other day that Lego-ises photos. It works best on portraits. Myra Hindley seemed an obvious candidate.

From John B

True dat

January 18, 2010

Found this at the weekend: Nike True City. Looks quite interesting in terms of using Google maps, sharing user content and creating an ever evolving space and community. Starting in 6 European cities and a free app on your iPhone. Watch the video to understand more.

From Nobby