So why didn’t we present anything like this in our Post Office pitch?

Ken, of the People’s Post Office, doesn’t really compare.


Hello You. Hello Me.

March 9, 2010

Nice design work from this German chap

Vinylla Ice

February 22, 2010

Move over mass-produced wall wotsits made from peely plastic. Look at all these wonderful wall vinyls, created by Hu2, a London-based company comprised of four crazy dudes (and one dudette!). They have some simply awesome ideas when it comes to creative uses of vinyl. And they hark back to some of Banksy’s pieces too. I fink they’re just brilliant!

This London agency design all kinds of film posters, but what’s kind of cool about their site is that they show some of the worked-up but rejected routes they cooked up alongside the final poster.

It’s interesting to see a bit of work-in-progress once in a while.

(I’ve not actually seen Factotum – I just liked the poster; anyone know if it’s any good?)

Make nice

February 3, 2010

These people make nice things. Y’know, typefaces, design, websites and that. Look see.

That’s edutainment

February 3, 2010

I didn’t know what HTML5 was. I went to this beautiful little site. Now I still don’t know what HTML5 is. Not really. But I have an inkling, and I spent a few minutes playing with these pretty graphics and their clever Twitter integration and that made me happy.

Hug me… …I’m awesome

February 2, 2010

Adrian Johnson studio make really lovely animations and illustrations. Famed for their / his work for Robinsons juice which you can see below.

After the delights of this years calendars, how about some of yesteryears finest efforts.

Happy February 2010

February 1, 2010

A nice collection of 2010’s smartest calenders.

Working class heroes

February 1, 2010

Blue Collar make very neat and slick websites. Hi-Res they ain’t. However, it’s useful to have a look at the realistic end of web design, stuff like e-commerce and the like.

Plus, they’ve got quite nice website which uses plasticine.

From John B