It’s all three. It’s Bank Run. An interactive movie that runs on you computer and your iPhone. And it’s interactive… in a Track and Field sort of way.


This London agency design all kinds of film posters, but what’s kind of cool about their site is that they show some of the worked-up but rejected routes they cooked up alongside the final poster.

It’s interesting to see a bit of work-in-progress once in a while.

(I’ve not actually seen Factotum – I just liked the poster; anyone know if it’s any good?)


February 3, 2010

A dark, disturbing, beautiful, sweet, enchanting, melancholic animation about a little kid called Alma. Created by Rodrigo Blaas.

Let the sun shine in

February 1, 2010

Watched ‘Sunshine’ over the weekend – Danny Boyle’s sci-fi from a couple of years ago.

Plot is pretty standard sci-fi stuff: a big dollop of pseudo-science with a crisp icing of vaguely spiritual mumbo jumbo.

And when it mutates part way through into a different sort of film altogether, the effect is pretty jarring.

But – especially towards the end – there’s all kinds of visual jiggery pokery with upside down shots, twisting angles, random slow-motion and ‘subliminal message’-type insertions. Which makes for a visually spectacular ending, even if the plot’s a bit of a let down.


Any film with a central character going by the name of Dude gets my vote. And when he’s played by Dean Martin, you can’t really argue.

I borrowed Rio Bravo from the Anna Ooft library of Westerns but put off watching it, expecting it to be all moody treks through the high sierra and rugged men grimacing through drawn out deaths.

But instead, it’s fizzing banter, brightly drawn characters and a plot that rattles along at a fine old pace.

Hell, John Wayne even cracks that slab of a face to reveal something that might pass for a smile now and then.

Even better, what with it being made in 1958, it assumes an old Texas where lots of men wear awesome quiffs.

By Andrew

Studio aka

January 26, 2010

Studio aka are a animation studio. Their trailer has an amazing indian big band soundtrack and a lot of their work is funny and beautifully made. Oh and they work for Skype too.

John B

Still moving

January 21, 2010

Beautiful, unusual stop-motion film shot in the Lake District by Michael Moloney and John Hooper. Surely a flash device that’s ripe for the rip off?

By Andrew