Seeing in colour

February 15, 2010

Right now there’s a small exhibition of photographs by William Eggleston on in east London. Eggleston was one of the first people to get colour photography recognised as ‘proper’ art, in the 60s – up till him, you had to shoot in black and white to have your pictures taken seriously. Colour? That was the medium of advertising…

Well Eggleston is still at it. The saturated tones of his photos and the off-kilter framing look pretty familiar now, but he’s still got a pin-sharp eye for an image amongst the suburban detritus he takes as his subject.

The exhibition is just up the road from Old Street, at the Victoria Miro gallery, and it’s running for a couple more weeks (until 27 Feb). It’s really worth a visit.



Colourful characters

January 26, 2010

Downloaded a cute free App the other day that Lego-ises photos. It works best on portraits. Myra Hindley seemed an obvious candidate.

From John B

Still moving

January 21, 2010

Beautiful, unusual stop-motion film shot in the Lake District by Michael Moloney and John Hooper. Surely a flash device that’s ripe for the rip off?

By Andrew

Photos of the bored

January 15, 2010

The artistic collective Wolf Choir create a collection in the medium of the corporate mugshot. See them all here

From John