Vinylla Ice

February 22, 2010

Move over mass-produced wall wotsits made from peely plastic. Look at all these wonderful wall vinyls, created by Hu2, a London-based company comprised of four crazy dudes (and one dudette!). They have some simply awesome ideas when it comes to creative uses of vinyl. And they hark back to some of Banksy’s pieces too. I fink they’re just brilliant!


You’re a muppet

February 9, 2010

Ever wanted to star in the muppets? Chances are, this is a close as you’ll get (yes, you’ll need to enter a little bit of data, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience we’re talking about).

Ok so it doesn’t actually make you a muppet. Which would be awesome. But in all my childhood I never dared to dreamed I’d have my name on the lips of Kermit and Miss Piggy.

It feels like they could have had a bit more fun with the personalisation, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. After all, what sort of a sociopath doesn’t have a soft spot for the muppets?


Cute! Test how well you know your friends on twitter, facebook and myspace with this site that scrapes data from your account and regurgitates it as a quiz.

Designed by those folk over at unit9 who are so very, very good at making beautiful things.

Make nice

February 3, 2010

These people make nice things. Y’know, typefaces, design, websites and that. Look see.

That’s edutainment

February 3, 2010

I didn’t know what HTML5 was. I went to this beautiful little site. Now I still don’t know what HTML5 is. Not really. But I have an inkling, and I spent a few minutes playing with these pretty graphics and their clever Twitter integration and that made me happy.

Dog Judo

January 25, 2010

Next up, Cat Karate.

From John B

Goo wild

January 15, 2010

The new Cadbury’s Creme Egg website includes a whole stack of their brilliant little animations of creme eggs getting their goo out, here.

By Andrew