January 30, 2010

Noice bit of webby found here


Bread, eggs, milk, porn

January 28, 2010 is the beautiful brainchild of The Ginger Pimpernell. Using ordinary shopping lists (found ones only, no pretenders please) he weaves straw in to typographical gold.

There is something interesting in what gets famous on youtube. I love that user-generated entertainment doesn’t have to be explainable, it just has to be entertaining. If you don’t agree, check out charlie – the highest watched video ever on youtube.

An Illustrator’s Paradise

January 28, 2010

Vintage Printable

A ruddy great big treasure chest of gorgeous high-res images of old illustrations, drawings and prints. Everything from lovingly crafted illustrations of extinct animals and plants to old playboy magazine covers. There are some weird and wonderful old photos thrown in too.

It’s like The Antiques Roadshow but without Fiona Bruce shamelessly flirting with old men.

The site is bloody difficult to navigate – but great inspiration for illustration styles, once you figure it out.

Darwin eat your heart out.

Any film with a central character going by the name of Dude gets my vote. And when he’s played by Dean Martin, you can’t really argue.

I borrowed Rio Bravo from the Anna Ooft library of Westerns but put off watching it, expecting it to be all moody treks through the high sierra and rugged men grimacing through drawn out deaths.

But instead, it’s fizzing banter, brightly drawn characters and a plot that rattles along at a fine old pace.

Hell, John Wayne even cracks that slab of a face to reveal something that might pass for a smile now and then.

Even better, what with it being made in 1958, it assumes an old Texas where lots of men wear awesome quiffs.

By Andrew

Who are you calling common?

January 28, 2010

The housefly (also house fly, house-fly or common housefly), Musca domestica, is a Diptera of the Brachycera suborder. It is the most common of all domestic flies, accounting for about 90% of all flies in human habitations, and indeed one of the most widely distributed insects, found all over the world; it is considered a pest that can carry serious diseases. Good job it can rely on its trusty steed to get him home, after a long day at the office.

Pick Me Up

January 28, 2010

Just seen this is coming up soon at Somerset House; opens 23 April.

From the blurb:

Somerset House presents Pick Me Up, the first contemporary graphic art fair in the UK. The fair will bring together the most exciting graphic artists working today, giving you the opportunity to buy limited edition, affordable graphic art, illustration and design.

The fair will be presented alongside a lively programme of events and activities including an open studio from legendary paper artist Rob Ryan and a pop-up print workshop from Print Club London.

More here.

By Andrew

January 26, 2010

UNIQUE DESIGN: Cool Wood Houses

Thought this was cool. Inspires me to do something in different materials. I think it so easy to have someone create something with software when sometimes we forget the pleasure of doing something for real. We need to support the idea of craft and the people that still do it. I don’t think these are real. But wouldn’t they be cool if they were?

Unique is everything. We should ban photography for an entire year and force ourselves to find different way to visually express our ideas. I guarantee that we’d more engaging, unique and memorable work.

Just at thought.

Chad Warner
RAPP London – Creative Director

Studio aka

January 26, 2010

Studio aka are a animation studio. Their trailer has an amazing indian big band soundtrack and a lot of their work is funny and beautifully made. Oh and they work for Skype too.

John B

Colourful characters

January 26, 2010

Downloaded a cute free App the other day that Lego-ises photos. It works best on portraits. Myra Hindley seemed an obvious candidate.

From John B