So why didn’t we present anything like this in our Post Office pitch?

Ken, of the People’s Post Office, doesn’t really compare.


This London agency design all kinds of film posters, but what’s kind of cool about their site is that they show some of the worked-up but rejected routes they cooked up alongside the final poster.

It’s interesting to see a bit of work-in-progress once in a while.

(I’ve not actually seen Factotum – I just liked the poster; anyone know if it’s any good?)

January 26, 2010

UNIQUE DESIGN: Cool Wood Houses

Thought this was cool. Inspires me to do something in different materials. I think it so easy to have someone create something with software when sometimes we forget the pleasure of doing something for real. We need to support the idea of craft and the people that still do it. I don’t think these are real. But wouldn’t they be cool if they were?

Unique is everything. We should ban photography for an entire year and force ourselves to find different way to visually express our ideas. I guarantee that we’d more engaging, unique and memorable work.

Just at thought.

Chad Warner
RAPP London – Creative Director